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Pho Boston
Vietnamese restaurant

Vietnamese cuisine

Welcome to Pho Boston

Vietnamese cuisine

Pho Boston, tucked away in a neighborhood of Florence, Massachusetts – close to the Amherst and Northampton area -- Is a local favorite for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, including classic pho.

Our restaurant is a cozy and welcoming space with ample seating, where friends and family can gather and enjoy a flavorful and well-prepared meal together.

Our signature dish is our pho. This flavorful soup hails from our home country of Vietnam, where its roots extend back hundreds of years, during which time it has become an integral part of our national identity.

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Pho Food in Florence Northampton

Our pho starts with beef bone broth which is skillfully seasoned and prepared over many hours to give it an unparalleled and rich flavor profile.

This, coupled with our banh pho noodles and thinly-sliced beef, creates a full-bodied and unique experience. On the side, you will also find a variety of herbs and additions to create your own individual masterpiece.

But pho is far from the only dish on our menu. We also offer a variety of other authentic Vietnamese dishes, all homemade from recipes that have been handed down through several generations.

On our menu, you’ll find several mouthwatering curry, stir fry, and rice dishes, among other Vietnamese-style classics.

Pho Vietnamese Food

Pho Boston offers the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the Northampton or Amherst area. We have perfected our signature soup broths whose recipe originated from our country. Our patrons said that our hot, steamy broth coupled with the homemade hot sauce reminds them of their experiences and childhood memories in Vietnam.

Besides the Pho, we also have wide selection of stir fry Vietnamese dishes. The tons of noodles and fresh veggies are something that most of our customers have raved about and they liked to be coming back for more!

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Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Boston, a Vietnamese restaurant in Florence, is here to fill your taste buds with authentic Vietnamese cuisines that you miss from home.

Savor our classic Pho and Vietnamese dishes that you choose from. Our traditional recipes are made from the finest and freshest ingredients to highlight the best of Vietnamese cuisine. We also have those favorite Vietnamese classics like Banh Mi, Spring Rolls, and Bun Bo Hue.
So if you are looking for a Vietnamese Restaurant in Florence, come and visit Pho Boston with friends and family, and we assure that we won’t disappoint you.